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The Red Women Project 2016/2020 Paintings in a large format

                                           Painting acrylic on canvas 200x170 2016 (dieptic)                                                                                          Painting Acrylic on canvas 170x150, 2016/17                                                 (sold)                                               Painting Acrylic on canvas 170x150 2017 ( sold)                                                                                      The Danse, 170x160 acryl on canvas 2017/18                                                           The Scream, 170x100, Acryl on Canvas, 2018  The Red Women Project 2016/2020  Paintings in a large format.   The Women are often presented in groups. Portraits of modern women. Brimming with ambition but with difficulty balancing between relationships, work and motherhood, leisure and happiness. What momentum to sense, if the content is lost along the way?
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The Red Women drawing at Eigenwijks Amsterdam November 2015 /Mei 2016

The Red Women drawing at Eigenwijks Amsterdam november 2015Mei 2016

"The Red Women"at the Vrijheid exhibition, in the De Serre, Amsterdam from 5 until 25 Mei.

Drawings The Red Women, New West Traces Exhibition at MLB gallery Amsterdam 2014

Drawings From series ( The Red Women) 2013

Drawings from series( The Red Women)

Drawing from series ( Women) 2013